Thezoic Acid Body Peels

Thezoic Acid Body peels are a remarkable treatment, that cleanse and rejuvenate the skin. They can improve appearance of skin damaged by excessive sun exposure or due to hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause. Strong chemical peels such as the Jessners peel and 20C peel are widely used. The Jessners peel is renowned for its relaxation of the skin surface with a resultant effect of flaking or peeling. 20C peel is probably the most widely used. Although various chemical peels are effective, few people are comfortable with the side effects associated with them. That’s why many would prefer the safer Chemical peel. The lightest of these peels, the 20C peel is also very popular because it allows patients to avoid a lengthy healing process with no downtime.

Thezoic Acid Body peels
There are many factors which are considered when choosing a chemical peel so it is best to carefully researched your chosen practitioner. He should be certified by American Board of Dermatology. He should also be experienced in the chemical peel technique. He should be able to perform the chemical peel safely. Both of these factors imply that your safety should be your first concern. It is therefore advisable to seek medical advice before you undergo any of the peels mentioned. Also, it is vital to ensure that your skin is not allergic to the chemicals used in the treatment. If so, you should discuss this with the doctor so that you minimize risks.

Another reason why you would like to undergo chemical peel is because of the improvements at some parts of your body such as chest, neck, and décolletage. They can get rid of blemishes such as wrinkles, scars, warts, melasma, and acne marks. They can also improve irritations, skin conditions, and M2 skin resurfacing. This is because they have the ability to go into the deeper layers of skin.

It is also sometime referred to that the chemical peels can reduce age lines and rough wrinkles. However, many patients miss the point of undergoing the peel. Skin peels can improve the appearance of your skin without the pain that accompanies laser resurfacing or medium surface peels. But the ability of the chemicals to completely remove wrinkles and age lines are still a uncertainty.

Thezoic Acid Body Peels

The biggest risk that patients face is that the chemicals may react negatively with your skin, given that it is a type of chemical peel. There have been cases that patients have suffered from severe side effects. This requires a consultation with the doctor so that you can discuss about the treatment and its side effects.

Even if you are conscious of the side effects that may follow the chemical peel, you should ensure that you are aware of them so that you can deal with them easily. The following are precautionary measures for the chemical peels.

You should first make sure that you know you are a good candidate for the treatment. If you show and accepting of these conditions, the doctor may recommend you continue with the treatment even after it becomes clear that you are not a good candidate. If you are not sure, it is advisable to find out the criteria by which they decide on whether or not you are a suitable candidate. The criteria will be nontoxic to your skin. If you are a good candidate, you may be allowed to proceed with the procedure as per the decision of the doctor.

Thezoic Acid Body Peels

The duration of the chemical peels is also an important factor which is usually not made public by the doctor. They are designed to completely remove the wrinkles and age lines. Although they may leaveburns and other minor damage to your skin, it may be required that you go through the whole process. It is generally done in a day.

There may be some temporary scabbing of your skin where the chemicals have been applied. You should allow the peeling to take place to allow the old skin to peel off and the new one to take its place. This is to avoid a scab to form. When the process is done, you should avoid any exposure to sun.

After-care is quite important after the chemical peel procedure. You are required to use a good sunscreen. You can use a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and smooth. Other than the sunscreen, you should also avoid direct sunlight. It is alright to swim but do not get carried away. The process of the chemical peel causes some redness and the sunscreen should guard against the UV rays.

Although tretinoin and chemical peels may seem like a long drawnout process with a lot of downtime, they are actually very effective depending on the extent of sun damage. You can definitely restore your looks to what they were after a peel process.

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