Summer Skin Care Tips It’s beach season once again. As a result of the warm weather, the skin can become dehydrated and problematic temporarily. The best skin care products for the summer contain a number of skin types and some helpful products to keep your skin looking its finest.

Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer Skin Care Tips

Dry or Sensitive Skin

Thousands of people suffer from dry or sensitive skin. Some have combination skin, meaning they’ll have areas of skin that are normal or oily – usually the T-zone area. Sensitive skin is extremely common – it condition is known as contact dermatitis. The causes of sensitive skin go deep into the dermal layers of the skin. The skin is basically made up of extremely tiny blood vessels and when exposed to certain stimuli (even mild ones), the vessels can suffer from swelling or inflammation. Other skin issues like rosacea can also manifest on the skin.

Keeping your skin beautiful and hydrated in the sun is key in Summer. Moisturizers help to relieve dryness and protect sensitive skin. Special sunscreen formulas will help to protect your skin. The sun’s rays dry out the skin even more and in extreme cases even contribute to wrinkling. Choose sunblock lotions that not only provide UVA and UVB protection but also contain a cool gel formula that helps soothe the skin.

Combination Skin

This skin type is common and usually requires use of different products for different areas of the skin. This is a skin type that’s usually normal or oily on the T-zone area – the forehead, nose and chin. Alpha hydroxy and acids are key ingredients in acne treatment products made for combination skin. Exfoliating with products containing alpha hydroxy and acids help to clarify the complexion and increase the hydration of the skin.

Sunburned or Chapped Skin

This skin condition deserves special attention. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Drink lots of water to help replenish lost fluids. There are many antioxidants that help relieve sunburned and chapped skin including Vitamin C, Green Tea and Aloe Vera.

Summer Skin Care Tips

During Summer

It is especially important to be aware of how to care for your skin during and after the summer months. It is easy to forget to moisturize during the heat of summer but this is a crucial step in protecting the skin. Before the skin dries out completely, apply aloe vera gel or coconut oil to skin. This will help to rebuild the skin’s natural moisture barrier and keep it looking fresh and healthy.

The reduction in humidity in the air during the summer months makes skin dry, itchy and flaky. This can leave the skin looking dull and lifeless. Properly moisturizing the skin will help the skin feel more resilient and look more alive.

Using an exfoliating product, such as one that combines salt and sugar with water to remove dead skin, is a great way to promote a more lively skin glow. Give yourself a little spa time at home by incorporating an exfoliating ritual into your routine. This simple technique can leave your skin feeling fresh and glowing.

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Summer Skin Care Tips

Wearing Sunglasses

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Summer Skin Care Tips

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