Skin Care Tips Discover which of the five types your skin belongs to before considering which products and treatments to buy to keep it in good shape. How well your skin ages depends more on type and genetics than on actual age alone.

Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Tips

The first type is Dry or Sensitive. Dry skin is the most common, but whether skin is truly dry or just feels dry, it tends to get damaged over time. Effective skin care requires using moisturisers and avoiding anything that leaves the skin feeling dry or taut.

The second type is Oily. Oily skin has a tendency to shine and is less prone to fine lines and wrinkles. However, it is more prone to dirt and grime, and therefore should be protected against exposure to the sun. Using a light moisturiser is sufficient for everyday skin care.

Normal or Combination is the third type. This skin type is a little on the oily side, but it is less prone to blemishes and blackheads than either of the other two types. As before, the best type of product to use is one which is oil-free and gentle on the skin.

The last type is Yes. Yes, this skin type is the least common of all the types, but if you find skin care makes your skin peel or feel strange, or if you are dealing with pigment changes, then you should check it out. Scientists are still unsure what the true type is and no-one is 100% sure, but it is believed to be one which is more suitable for those with a Yes (T-Zone) type skin rather than none.

Skin Care Tips

The summary of the types of skin into which you belong is thus :

(1) Dry – To avoid cracking, flaking and drying out

(2) Oily – To control surface oil and to keep skin hydrated

(3) Normal – To maintain moisture levels and to have a balanced oilier texture

(4) Combination – balances between oily and normal

The different skin types are order mainly based on the amount of oil which you have on your face. For instance, a person with a dry complexion has to use products with a higher moisture percentage than those used for people with oily complexions.

Hence, the best skin care products are the ones that can keep your complexion hydrated, without causing irritation or protecting your complexion from damaging. By far the glycerin content is the main component you need to look out for as it actually helps to preserve your natural moisture levels.

Apart from that, the antioxidant content is also rather important, especially if it is greater than necessary for your skin type. Antioxidants are effective in neutralising free radicals which are the agents responsible for skin damage.

Apart from that, you also need to make sure that the skin care products you select don’t contain harmful alcohols like benzyl, isopropyl or ethanol. They are harmful in that they can cause severe skin damage and unless you are aware of them, you might just as well be rubbing carcinogens all over your face!

While looking at labels, make sure that the skin care products you select have the bestnatural collagensupplements in them. By this, I mean those that can boost the production of collagen from within the skin cells.

Skin Care Tips

Do not go for those products which have collagen as an ingredient simply because they are cheap. If you have a more solid alternative, than go for the more effective skin care products.

Recently the Company XandCoQ10 have had great success in improving the natural collagen production in the skin through their creams. This is mainly down to the natural ingredients used in the products.

XandCoQ10 protection against dangerous UV-radiation is also borne out by their cream which encourages the production of natural collagen. Skin damage from thefriendly UV-treatment happens because the skin creates free radicals. These radical molecules are abundant and are created by skin cells purely on purpose. In order to check and reduce this issue, the formation of anti-oxidants is extremely helpful.

The Company XandCoQ10 cream also has a like- type relationship with regard to age spots as it contains both. wherefore, by using your recommended skin care products, you may help to reduce the formation of age spots on your face.

This natural collagen and is called Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10. One of the main ingredients in the cream is CoenzymeQ10. This is a rich and antioxidant useful for good skin. It also goes deep into the skin while providing it with nourishment and rejuvenation. Because we usually have age spots all over our skin, it is a more than beneficial ingredient to include in all the skin care products that we use. Skin Care Tips

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