Functional Keratin Treatments Many individuals who want to reduce wrinkles, or eliminate age spots, often turn to cosmetic surgeons for help. However, there are a number of disadvantages to go through with these procedures, and even very few benefits!

Functional Keratin Treatments

A typical session with a cosmetic surgeon will cost you anywhere between $300 to $2000. Many times you will need more than one session, with prices ranging from $600 to $2000.

You also need to pay for the laboratory testing of the chemicals being injected, which can cost $150 to $400 per test. You will also need to be in a hospital for three to four days, and often have to wear large bandages on the wound until it heals.

Functional Keratin Treatments

There is little to no recovery time for these types of surgeries. However, because you are being injected with a foreign body, there is a risk of infection. There is also the chance of scarring, or an allergic reaction to the anesthesia.

It is much more expensive and more painful to go through with these procedures. The collagen injection, or hyaluronic acid removal procedure, is currently the only method that is approved by the FDA.

faceted imbalances in the skin can be malignant, so it is considered a cosmetic procedure rather than a medical necessity. These procedures are only approved in extreme cases, and then only if the patient’s insurance does not cover it.

There are several risks to these procedures that can go unnoticed if you are in good health. These risks include Obtrolizer side effects (urine retention in the bowel), increased pressure Build up, and fluid imbalance due to medications used.

These types of procedures are usually only considered worthwhile if you have an exactly equal amount of collagen and elastin in your skin. If you do not, you might as well just pay for the shot.

Functional Keratin Treatments

Another disadvantage of these procedures is that they are done on cpm areas of the body, which are negatively affected by the environment, and where skin might be stretched, abrasions may form.

There is a popular photofacial available on the market now, but I would not recommend it.

There are two main types of photofacial available. There is an FotoFacial, in which intense light is used to destroy the top layers of skin, drying and potentially causing pain. Then there is a Endermologie procedure, in which a system lamp is moved over the skin, heating up the lower layers and building the skin’s flexibility. This helps to decrease the appearance of wrinkles.

The newest procedure that is getting a lot of buzz in the dermatological world is fractional photothermabrasion. This is where a device which looks like a giant vacuum cleaner is used to create controlled damage to the skin. This controlled damage apparently gets rid of the deep, dark scars and blemishes on the skin. This process supposedly gets rid of the toxins that cause the condition.

The first of these, the FotoFacial, costs about $400 on up to $2,500, depending on the results you are trying to get. The second, the Endermologie, costs up to $ coupled with a minimum of six sessions.

Functional Keratin Treatments

If you are stick thin and do not want to waste your money on laser treatments and treatments that are way too expensive, there are a number of products out there that can help get rid of the discoloration and blemishes.

As I mentioned before, in order to get rid of the discoloration it is best to get rid of the discoloration itself. The ingredients you can find to do this are elastin peptides, indigo cosmetic acids, and astragalus.

elastin peptides will help thicken the epidermis so that the skin looks firmer. At the same time, it stimulates the healing process so that you have better looking skin. In addition to this, elastin peptides can also thicken the collagen so that it is better able to resist the effects of the environment.

instanticum boosts the indigo levels in your skin to give it a brighter look. It works to get rid of the brown pigmentation in your skin.

Even though these products do work, no cosmetic treatment will ever give you the kind of results that a natural skin lightening cream will. The natural ingredients of these creams are not only effective, they are much safer to use and you can rest assured that they will not have any negative effects on your skin. Functional Keratin Treatments

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